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Further land remediation wins for Williams.
Saturday, Jun 16, 2012 9:30 am
Further land remediation wins for Williams.
 Williams involvement with the site started back in September 2011 when we were called in at short notice to erect 2000 m of reptile fencing  which was completed in less than a week. The erection of the fencing was critical to meet the deadline set by the government regarding the time allowed to trap and re habitat newts.  
In December 2011 Williams was awarded the remediation contract ,work included the following;

Excavate the whole site down to a depth of 1m and remove all obstructions.
Re compact the site and re profile to one constant level.
Break out existing concrete slabs and process.
Crush and screen approximately 25,000m3 of material and process to produce a 6f2 material.
Import and place 38,000m3 of material.
Construct 27,000m2 piling mat.

Williams mobilized 45 ton excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, crushers and screeners along with compaction equipment to carry out the works.