• Rock Armouring of Riverbanks
  • Sand and Silt Extraction
  • Groyne and Breakwater Construction
  • Beach Nourishment
  • Recycling of Shingle and Sand
  • Emergency Railway Embankment Rock Armouring

Williams has been protecting our shorelines for over 15 years. We have carried out coastal defence works all around the Welsh coastline. We have successfully worked on the Loughor Estuary which has one of the fastest and highest tidal ranges in the world.Our working practices ensure strict environmental management and the use of biodegradable oil in our plant ensuring that the risk of pollution to the water and surrounding area is minimised.

Our workforce is highly skilled in the art of placing boulders whether it be constructing a sea wall at Amroth; placing rip-rap around the Loughor Estuary or permanently rerouting the Tywi river during the construction of the Carmarthen Bypass. You can be sure that our coastlines will be there for generations to enjoy.

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